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Islam Slimani will even join Sporting, returning to Alvalade for €30m five and a half years after joining then-English champions Leicester.

The 33-year-old Algerian international striker is in his second season at Lyon, a club whose contract expires in June. And in the face of this scenario, the fact that he can define his future this month, has prompted the Sporting SAD administration to comply with an old wish of the fans and the player himself from now on. However, Slimani has yet to come to an agreement with the French emblem as the lions are only available as a free player for the Algerian.

Once the Lyon split is agreed, Slimani will then be given the green light to travel to Lisbon, where he will finalize the final details of a deal that A BOLA reported will last for a season and a half. The salary, that will not be an obstacle to the will of the Algerian and the Lions – Slimani currently earns 3 million euros and will be close to the salary cap of two million euros gross in Alvalade, which includes a bonus of signature.

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