Tesla for half a million crowns will not be. We have other worries now than a cheap electric car, said Musk-Nach Welt

According to speculations that the Internet has been feeding for several years, the carmaker Tesla should have sent a small electric hatchback to the roads, which would cost $ 25,000, ie about 550,000 crowns. “We are not currently working on such a car. Sometime in the future we will, but now we have many other worries. Honestly, there is a lot going on, “Moschus told a news conference.

He answered the journalist’s question and did not forget to note that his question is currently useless. He should rather ask when the cars will be fully autonomous. Only then can the price of passenger cars be expected to fall four to five times, as many people start using, for example, driverless taxi services. From this reaction of Muska, it is clear what Tesla is focusing on now.

The carmaker previously planned to start serial production of the Cybertruck pick-up, the Semi tractor and the Roadster sports model. However, according to Musek, none of these cars will go into production until 2023, and an even later date can be expected. So autonomous management now seems to keep California engineers busy.


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