RTE viewers outraged Ryan Tubridy on The Late Late Show’s nursing segment – Archyde

RTE viewers are outraged after the latest segment on The Late Late Show that focused on nurses.

Host Ryan Tubridy spoke to five young nurses who had traveled to the show.

While people celebrated the frontline workers, many criticized the program for how they ran the segment.

The five women were taken to the stage where they were asked to name the nurse that matched the question asked, e.g. B. who was the best nurse and who still has their first communion money.

One viewer wrote, “Jaysus… just give them the whole vacation and get on with the show!”

A second person said: “I don’t like how they’ve approached this segment of nurses. what’s the point

“No reflection on these nurses on the show, but as a group they were in no way representative of the diversity of our healthcare services in terms of gender, age or ethnicity.

“I think Late Late-Show Production workers need diversity awareness training.”

A third commenter called it “complete silly”, adding: “What an insult to these 5 professionals who have degrees and have been working during the pandemic.

“I don’t know how rte could think the quiz was entertainment. Looking back at the pretty girl/housewife of the year competition.”

Ryan Tubridy with a live audience on The Late Late Show

There were others who compared it to Dad Ted’s Lovely Girls competition as people found the quiz “humiliating”.

One person said: “Sorry Ryan, this isn’t a lovely girls contest Vater Ted. The professional nurses deserve more respect.”

A second viewer wrote: “The worst. Questions. Always. That’s humiliating. Obviously they’re all going to Spain but oh my good god.

“I would have died if I had been confronted like that in front of my friends… and the nation. Didn’t the nursing students endure enough”.

A third commenter said: “This is pathetic. Treat them like a bunch of kids.”

However, there were many people who loved watching the nurses have fun on the show.

One viewer shared: “Great to see the student nurses getting a sun on #latelate holidays together.”

Another person wrote: “nice segment, nice to see the young pros and hardworkers having fun after a long two years”.

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