RTE Late Late Show viewers all notice one thing about the audience that some mistakenly question – Archyde

Audiences returned to the RTE Late Late Show on Friday night with tubs and viewers rejoicing at a return to normalcy.

Gifts were given out early on in yet another throwback to the pre-pandemic era, but one thing you definitely wouldn’t have seen before the pandemic was mask-wearing.

The majority of the audience wore black face masks as they sat in close proximity to each other.

Jimmy Stafford tweeted: “Thousands in nightclubs/bars/restaurants without masks tonight! #LateLateShow#late all masked… except tubs and guests… schools all masked… no longer makes sense, maybe science will explain everything.

Another tweeter, saying they will be in the audience in the coming weeks, asked: “Is it a personal option to wear masks when you are in the audience when the #late? I’m going to a gig next month, is that mandatory or what if it’s indoors.”

But those questioning wearing a mask may not have read government regulations about when you should wear a cover.

While many Covid rules have been scrapped, cinemas, theaters and museums are places where people should still wear a mask – with the late late show likely falling under theatre.

It is also recommended to wear them in crowded places.

But while some complained, many were just happy to see a crowd back, Ian O’Connell tweeted: “What a sight to see a full audience on the Late Late Show.”

Another said: “Pain in my face when I see people complaining about others wearing masks and insulting them by name. Ever heard of personal choice? I would prefer if they didn’t. Just shut up.”

Presenter Ryan Tubridy said on his radio show RTE 1 ahead of the show on Friday that he was nervous and excited to welcome the audience back.

He said: “I’m delighted to have our biggest viewership in two years on the Late Late Show tonight.
“We will have almost 200 souls looking at us in the crowd.

“I’m nervous, I’m excited and I’m a little bit emotional about it.”

“Because the people you see in front of you are, to me, a representative sample of people at home. And there are hundreds of thousands of people watching, we hope, and luckily we know it.

“And equally, they’re represented by the people and everyone is getting dressed and making an effort and looking great and in great shape and it’s an extraordinary vibe in this studio when people are there.”


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