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Before that, there were many interesting surprises in Episode 1037, Lufy’s fight with Kaido became more and more fierce, and also the fleet that was moving towards Wano, the Zunisha elephant that came to Wano, and the mysterious devil fruit that the Gorosei were talking about.

on Episode 1038 This week, of course, the storyline that is presented will be more exciting.

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on Episode 1038 Later, there will be a Law and Kid vs. Big Mom fight and a bunch of other actions.

Here are the manga spoilers One piece Pro Episode 1038 1038 Kid and Law vs. Big Mom

Raizo vs. Fukujiro are hit with spreading fire, but the jutsu they use on each other won’t let go.

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On the other hand, Chopper worries about the medicinal effects of the mink on Zoro’s body.

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