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One of the hottest names buzzing around the NBA rumor mill is Detroit Jerami Grant. A 6’8″ forward who scores 20.1 points per game and can defend multiple positions could help many competitors (or teams trying to join the ranks of competitors).

However, there are many complicating factors in a grant trade, starting with do the Pistons really want to trade it? There seems to be a split in the front office the brilliant Marc Stein in his latest newsletter:

Two Fridays ago, I wrote about Piston’s GM Troy Weaver’s longstanding affinity with Jerami Grant and how that could lead to Detroit dismissing all commercial interest in Grant as of deadline, in a prime potential example of even a supposed sales team refusing to to sell. Some competing clubs are now describing what amounts to a split within the organization over holding or acting on Grant… with Pistons vice-chairman Arn Tellem saying he was open to an immediate deal.

Arn Tellem can outrank Troy Weaver and make the deal – if the Pistons find someone willing to give up their asking price. The Pistons are asking for two first-round picks or one pick and one promising young player in any trade for Grant (there have been reports that they want one player and two picks, depending on how good the picks are).

Any team acting for Grant must also consider his demands: He wants a maximum or near-maximum contract extension — a maximum of four years, $112 million — and he wants a prominent role on his new team’s offense. Grant was a great fit for his role in Denver, but he went to Detroit to play a bigger offensive role and he doesn’t want to give that up.

The Kings, get out of this now Ben Simmons Sweepstakes is viewed as a team working hard to win Grant. While Grant would help many competitors, those teams may not be willing to pay that overtime money or provide the offensive role that Grant wants.

Detroit needs to put the ball in the hands of the improvement Cade Cunningham and getting players who are a good fit for him, trading Grant could help rebuild in that direction. But it’s not a lock that closes the deal, especially when the pistons are internally split.

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