Hisuan Voltorb stats carried over to Pokémon GO

Pokémon Legends: Arceus has been out for less than a day and we’re already seeing quite a few backstage Work is underway in Pokémon GO to support the launch of the game.

There is no official message from Niantic nor additional context for this change, but Hisuian Voltorb sprites and stats have been added to Pokémon GO’s network traffic.

As reported by Poké miner, Hisuian Voltorb has the following stats:

Hisuianische Voltorb-StatistikenHisuianische Voltorb-Statistiken

Oddly enough, Hisuian Voltorb is a Gras and Electric type, which creates a pretty crazy type combination:

  • Weaknesses: insect, Fire, ice cream, Gift
  • Resistors: Gras, 2x Electric, Stahl, water

Oddly enough, you can’t transfer it to Pokémon Home. We are waiting for Hisuian Electrode for any kind of analysis as Voltorb is way too weak for PvP or PvE.

If you’re curious, our friend Kratos calculated the stats for all of the new Hisuian Pokémon:


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