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– Due to high water levels and strong winds, Vågen is now closed to vehicles, Sørvest Police Department reported at 9.30pm on Saturday night.

They encourage everyone to stay away from the area and have evacuated people from the restaurants along Vågen.

There is a risk that the boat will sink.

Photo: Torkel Schibevaag / NRK

– There is a risk that one of the commercial boats moored at Fisketorget quay will wear out and end up on land, damaging buildings and people, police report.

The football field in Vaksdal has collapsed due to the water masses

GO TAKE THE COURSE: The football pitch at Vaksdal in Hordaland after a pipe burst and led to a sub-banal stream. The storm came with heavy rains.

Photo: Jonny Falkanger / Vaksdal IL

Ask people to stay indoors

The police in Bergen are not telling people to go into the storm. There is a risk of being hit by objects falling from houses and roofs in strong winds, the police write on Twitter.

The artificial turf pitch in Vaksdal, east of Bergen, collapsed due to the rain. The reason was that a pipe leading to a creek under the track broke.

– I got a message from a neighbor. When I arrived I saw a sinkhole that is 5 meters wide. 15 meters long and about 2 meters deep, says Jonny Falkanger in Vaksdal IL to NRK.

– Did you think something like this could happen?

– No, I would probably say no to that. I’ve been our camper on the soccer team for 13 years and this pitch feels a bit like my own oven. I am very heavy now. It’s terribly broken.


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The busy Anda-Lote ferry section on the E39 is closed due to the storm. The electric ferries may not be added at the quay or at charging stations. Photo: Steinar Lote / NRK

Without sizeum

3,600 households in Agder are without electricity. The same applies to 1400 in Moss and 1200 in Rogaland.

– We have almost 40 people who work late into the night to fix the faults in the power grid, says the operational emergency manager Kristoffer Sletten in Agder Energi Nett.

It is also cold and dark in many houses in western Norway. 2000 electricity customers are now without electricity, reports the website of BKK Nett og Linja. The result is distributed across the whole of Vestland County. The largest results are in the municipalities of Alver and Masfjorden.

It’s hard to say when the power will come back.

The storm is on Sunday

Unfortunately, for those who were hoping for the storm to hold up until evening, the weather forecast has bad news.

– There will be strong storms tonight and night and it is especially the southwestern part of the country and the inner parts of the eastern part of the country. There is the orange strong wind hazard warning. Victory State Meteorologist Rafael Escobar Løvdahl at NRK.

He warns the weather will have consequences, with bridges closed, ferry departures canceled and mountain passes closed.

– It will be better after Sunday morning, but there will probably be less traffic on the mountain passes after tomorrow, says Løvdahl.

Had to stay inside

Because along the coast from Rogaland and towards the north, the wind is expected to pick up as the evening progresses.

One of those who has known gusts of wind on the body is the Jærbu Einar Egeland. He believes there hasn’t been a storm this strong since 1981.

– It was so strong here that I don’t dare to leave the house, says Egeland.

He was out a little earlier this afternoon and caught the storm on camera.

– Many searched down the harbor to see the massive forces, says Egeland.

From the Sørland coast, to the west and north, the wind picks up and strong waves wash towards land.

One of the local vegans that is now closed is Haukalivegen in Forsand. There was a landslide 50-60 meters wide.

– The road won’t be opened until we have a geologist and have a look at the town, says Tor Magne Auestad, Rogaland’s duty fire and rescue officer.

Two are overwhelmed in Åkrehamn on Karmøy.

Two young people notice the power of the waves in Åkrehamn on Karmøy.

Photo: Kjell Bua

Evacuated after landslide

The strong winds and precipitation have consequences in several places. On Osterøy in Hordaland, about 30 people were evacuated after rocks collapsed on the mountainside, destroying an outbuilding.

– It goes without saying that the municipality, together with the geologist, evaluates the safety measures that are in place today after such an incident, says Mayor Lars Fjeldstad (Sp).

It is unclear when the evacuees will be allowed to return to their homes.

In Bergen, several boulders fell off a cliff and hit a block of flats on Hop in Bergen.

After assessing the situation, the Naudetatane has blocked a sidewalk that runs behind the block.

Torgbod in Måløy was hit by the storm

The fire department was called when a peat shed hissed.

Photo: Seline Larsen / Fjordenes Tidende

I think Torvbod

In Måløy in the Nordfjord, a peat shed suddenly whizzed past a restaurant. Elise Marie Nygård at Restaurant Havfruen tells:

– I was at work and saw the incident. The restaurant was packed with diners watching the incident through the glass structure facing the square. The fire department came after a quarter and secured it. It’s blowing pretty hard here, she says.

Could not land in Gardermoen

The plane with several national team players in handball could not land in Gardermoen because of the wind. That’s why she had to write about her return to Munich VG.

The plane was due to land in Gardermoen on Saturday afternoon. But that was not possible, and the plane had to return to the starting point.

So they have to spend the night in Munich and try again on Sunday.

Status for the mountain passes on Saturday 11:28 p.m.:

  • The E16 via Filefjell is open for convoy driving, but may be closed.
  • Rv 7 Hardangervidda closed to all traffic. There will be a re-evaluation here on Sunday at kl. 08
  • Rv 15 Strynefjellet: Closed. New rating on Sunday at 12.
  • Fv 50 Hol-Aurland: Closed. New rating on Sunday at 10
  • Fv 51 Tyin-Årdal: Closed.
  • Rv 52 Hemsedalsfjellet: Closed
  • E134 Haukelifjell: Closed
  • Rv 9 Hovden-Haukeli: Pillar
  • Rv 13 Vikafjellet: Closed

The following main ferry routes have passed:

  • E39 Nordfjord: The Anda-Lote ferry connection is canceled in the evening due to the weather. Expect to leave as usual tomorrow morning.
  • E39 north of Stavanger: Mortavika-Arsvågen ferry service canceled flat water. It is unclear whether the connection can be repeated today, reports Fjord1 along with several other ferry connections.
  • Fv 541 Bømlafjorden: Langevåg-Buavåg abgesagt Flachwasser, reported Fjord1.


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