Greenbrier Companies is a buy – Archyde

ThredUp: “See, that’s the kind of stuff [that] worked. An interesting growth clothing exchange. I just wanted to tell you [it’s a no-go].”

Asana: “There are 72,000 collaborative software companies. 72,000. Okay, not really, but there’s a bunch, and I don’t want them. You are not working.”

Greenbrier company: “I have always liked this company. This is a company that makes things and makes things that are valuable, and we’re in short supply [railcars]. We don’t have enough. I say [buy, buy, buy] because it’s down It shouldn’t be downstairs.”

Hillenbrand: “Business machines, products. Perfect. I like it. I always have. 12x earnings. Do things, do things. Dividend. Is working.”

Herc stocks: “No, be here because I think it will be good. I like United Rentals for the same reason. I believe. I like Nucor for the same reason. … Stick with this one.”

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