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Canadian Singer Johnny Mitchell announces solidarity with Canadian and American rock star Nile Yang and removes music from streaming siteSpotify‘ and accused the site of lying about the spread of Covid-19.

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One after the other Yang chose the site Between his music and podcast writer Joe Rogan, who prompted the site to remove Young’s music, Spotify’s market share fell by 2.1 billion in three days this week ASV US dollars (1.9 billion euros), reported Variety.

26-28 Spotify shares down 6% in January despite index ‘Nasdaq The Composite was up 1.7% over the period and the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 1.1%.

On its website nine renowned “Grammy“Winner Michel, who once wrote and performed the song “Big Yellow Taxi,” released a statement on Friday expressing her support for Yang and acknowledging that “irresponsible people spread lies at the cost of human lives,” so she decided to “remove all her music from Spotify”.

“I stand in solidarity with the Nile Yang and the scientific and medical community around the world,” added the 78-year-old rock ‘n’ roll musician.

Mitchell’s website has republished Spotify’s open letter to 270 doctors and scientists, urging the company to implement a misleading information policy to combat Rogan’s repeated misconceptions and conspiracy theories about Covid-19, vaccines and the pandemic.

Spotify has not yet commented on Michel’s statement.

Heart of Gold and Harvest Moon performer Young publicly accused Spotify on Monday of “spreading false information about vaccines and potentially killing people who believe the misinformation they’re spreading.”

In another statement posted to Yang’s website on Wednesday, he accused the music-streaming giant of “hosting life-threatening misleading information about Covid.”

“Lies are sold for money,” he added, without naming Rogan in a statement but including a letter from doctors and scientists urging Spotify to stop spreading false information to The Joe Rogan Experience.

The artist also thanked his record brand, Reprise Records, who “Warner brothers“to support his decision by stating that 60% of all his streaming music is played on ‘Spotify’.

Yang has more than six million monthly listeners on the platform, and Michelle reaches 3.7 million monthly listeners.

The musicians haven’t quit Spotify en masse just yet, but British singer James Blant used his sarcastic sense of humor to announce on Twitter: “If Spotufy doesn’t remove Joe Rogan’s content immediately, I will be posting a new track on the platform.”

According to media reports, Spotify paid 100 million dollars (89 million euros) for the podcast rights to The Joe Rogan Experience in 2020. program Spotify is the most popular podcast, reportedly downloaded almost 200 million times a month.

Spotify said this week that it wants its users to have “the world’s music and audio content available,” but recognized the need to strike a “balance between listener safety and creator freedom.” The platform confirmed that more than 20,000 different series have been removed for non-compliance with content requirements since the pandemic began.

According to the company’s data, Rogan’s show was the most listened to on Spotify over the past year. However, he is widely criticized for interviewing alternative rights, speaking out against vaccines and face masks. He has also promoted the use of the anthelmintic ivermectin against coronavirus, although studies have not shown it to be effective but it is known to be dangerous to humans.

Spotify’s stock price has been falling for a long time, falling 25% in the 12 months ended Jan. 25 as investors fear the company’s growth will slow. At the same time, it should be noted that Spotify’s stock price is up 1% compared to the close of the previous trading session on Friday, on increased market activity.

The company’s shareholders are concerned whether Spotify’s artist churn wave and subscriber decline will follow as instant tags such as: #CancelSpotify, “#DeleteSpotify” and “AttachSpotify” are widely used on social media.

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