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Zelenskyy said it was necessary to speak very carefully about the possible prospects of war with Russia.

The question of a possible escalation of the situation by the Russian Federation is acute not only for Ukraine, but also for the United States and its allies. More about that briefing said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

“For me, the issue of a possible escalation is as acute as it is for the United States and other partners. I don’t rule the state like in your film Don’t Look Up, by the way, we’re looking up, we know what’s happening. We talk to people. But we have been in this situation for eight years,” said Zelenskyy.

According to him, there is a possibility of a Russian invasion.

“That’s why we’re not just looking up, we’re also looking under our feet. For us now is an important moment – we can lose the economy. But most of all the people. The probability of an attack is there. She hasn’t disappeared.” It’s the same everywhere. In 2020 it was less, in 2019 it was even less,” said the President.

He noted that the meeting of advisors to the leaders of the Normandy Four was a step towards a peaceful resolution of the situation.

Zelenskyy said it was necessary to speak very carefully about the possible prospects of war with Russia.

“One cannot say that the war will take place tomorrow or before the end of February or before the end of the New Year,” the president said.

“We are now receiving information that the war could be in January, February. I repeat again: it can be. And let’s put three dots here, but definitely don’t put a dots and say yes – it will, because we understand what’s happening to people,” stressed Zelensky.

According to him, not only Ukraine is threatened with a full-scale war with the Russian Federation, but also some NATO countries that were also former republics of the Soviet Union.

“Hybrid war leads to hybrid threats. Threats to Ukraine and other neighbors. We are not the only neighbors of the Russian Federation and not alone with the occupied territories. If there is a full-scale war, then not only with Ukraine, and not only not on the territory of Ukraine,” said the head of state.

Zelenskyy called the internal destabilization of the situation in the country the greatest danger that could provoke an escalation in the Russian Federation.

“The biggest risk for Ukraine and the biggest risk for the sovereignty of our state – and here we are united with all partners … The biggest risk is not to preserve the state, but to destabilize our state,” the president said.

In his opinion, when the people, the army and the stable power are united, the risk of escalation by Russia will be reduced.

“We remember what happened in our country in 2014-2015. The uncontrollability of the situation within the state in terms of the rule of law, the work of law enforcement agencies and the calm on the streets can lead to escalation. This is the highest level of a likely plan if these or other measures are taken by a neighboring state,” Zelenskyy said.

Remember that Zelensky estimated Ukraine’s casualties in the Russian Federation panic.

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