Watch: Jared Leto on his approach to acting: ‘I like Transfiguration’ – Archyde

Jared Leto spoke about acting and if he would ever be in a romantic comedy on The Late Late Show with James Corden. File Photo by Jim Ruymen/UPI | license photo

Jan. 28 (UPI) – Jared Leto spoke about how he approaches acting while performing on Die Late-Late-Show with James Corden.

Corden mentioned to Leto on Thursday how much he enjoyed playing Paolo Gucci House Gucci and asked the actor if his approach to acting ever changed. Corden shared a photo of Leto in the film, who is barely recognizable as Paolo Gucci.

“I like transformations. I like to see other actors do it and I like immersive experiences. Not only in acting, but also in music and in many different things. So for me it’s been pretty consistent for a long time.” Said Leto before describing what made Paolo Gucci such an interesting character.

“The character, I just fell in love with his heart, his humor and he was a guy who just wants to achieve his dreams. He wants to be loved, wants to be heard and is simply rejected by the people closest to him, his family. But yeah, I had a blast,” Leto said.

House Gucci is currently in cinemas.

Corden also asked Leto if he would be willing to star in a romantic comedy.

“The honest answer is no,” Leto said, before comparing it to eating a bag of sour patch kids and a pizza at the same time.

“I’d like to do something romantic and fun and we’ll see. Maybe there’s something around the corner. Who knows,” he continued.

Leto next stars in Apple TV+ series We crashed with Anne Hathaway coming to the streaming service on March 18. Leto plays WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann, with Hathaway as Neumann’s wife, Rebekah.

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