Too few female professors

The proportion of women in the professorship varies in the individual federal states: in Saarland and Bavaria only every fifth professorship is held by a woman – in Berlin every third.

At the end of 2020 there were 12,949 full-time professors at German universities. This corresponds to a proportion of women of 26.3 percent. This means that every fourth professorship is now held by a woman. 20 years earlier it was about every tenth. In the junior professorships that have existed since 2002, which accounted for around 3.3 percent of all professorships in 2020, the proportion of women in Germany was 47.6 percent. Women are also still underrepresented when it comes to completed habilitations at universities and equivalent colleges: Their share was 18.4 percent in 2000 (392 habilitations) and has increased significantly over the course of 20 years to 35.1 percent (538 habilitations). While the map reflects the appointment policy of the last 25 years for the professorships filled in 2020, it enables a glimpse into the future through the flatly presented habilitations. The sometimes considerable differences in the proportion of women in professorships and habilitations in the federal states become clear. If the development continues at the current pace, parity in the professorial body will probably only be a reality in Germany in a few decades.

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