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In the latest episode of the reality show Wife Exchange, Nadia was in for a shock at the foster family. Shortly after her arrival, her passing children began to confide in her, saying that their father was extremely explosive and was often afraid of him. But after filming, according to Nadi, it turned out that everything was different. Her mother Gabriela is said to have promised her daughters a financial reward before filming if they intentionally soiled their father.

In the new episode Women’s Exchange, viewers met a family living in Rotava, namely Gabriela (38), David (42), Daniela (15), Jarmila (14), David (10) and Jakub (6). On the other hand, Naďa (32), Štefan (37) and their seven-year-old daughter Míša introduced themselves. Naďa was a little embarrassed when she arrived at her foster home, especially as she had four children to look after. At the same time, she wondered how used Gabriela was to avoiding her husband. Her conflicting feelings deepened the moment she learned how choleric her stand-in, David, was. The older daughters even confided in Nada that her father was often afraid.

Bribes in exchange?

Even during filming, Nadia suspected that her surrogate family was not being so honest with her and that no one was telling her things as they really were. In conversation with NovaPlus then Nada said with a very disturbing statement. The children are said to have received money to intentionally soil their father. “Gabina told the children that she would give them money for dirtying their own father,” Naďa said, adding that she had already received this information from her surrogate daughters during filming. “That if they say Dad is bad, he’ll give them three thousand,” Nada added.

Gabriela said several times during the exchange that she was also afraid of her husband. But Naďa doesn’t believe these words either. “She lies, she faked a lot,” says Nadia.

I don’t know anything like that!

Speaking about how her family was doing after filming, Gabriela confided that things had improved for them at home and that everyone had sorted out the various disagreements. But what about those bribes? Gabriela vehemently denied Nadia’s statements. “Then I really don’t know anything about it. It is not true. I hear that for the first time. I don’t know where you’re from, but it’s not true!” reported Gabriela, who unequivocally denies any allegation of child bribery.

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