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While Tesla isn’t yet fully allowed to operate Giga Berlin, the company is wasting no time in making sure its employees in Grünheide get to work as efficiently and conveniently as possible. According to the latest statements from a spokesman for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Planning, Tesla has acquired an existing track from the German regional rail company DRE.

Tesla plant dies operate a shuttle train between Erkner and a new stop on the track south of the factory premises. The company will be responsible for the design, construction and operation of its workers’ shuttle, according to the ministry. Tesla would also build a station for its employee train shuttle service.

Considering the track is adjacent to the Gigafactory Berlin complex, the shuttle service would allow Tesla employees to get to and from work conveniently and efficiently.

Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin was originally scheduled to start vehicle production last year, but the facility’s formal approval process has proven to be very lengthy. There is also quite a bit of opposition from local environmental groups. According to the Ministry of the Environment, however, the permits for Giga Berlin are already in the final phase. For its part, Tesla has so far been involved in the production of test vehicles.

Giga Berlin starts building the Tesla Model Y. Similar to the Model Ys produced at Fremont Factory in California today, the all-electric crossovers being built in Grünheide would feature 2170 batteries. This is very different from the Model Ys that will soon be produced in Giga Texas, which would instead feature the company’s custom 4680 cells.

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Tesla buys its own track to make commuting easier for Giga Berlin employees



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