Prince Andrew takes ‘ultimate risk’ in sexual abuse case – Archyde

Prince Andrew’s dramatic decision to face his accuser before the court and be willingly cross-examined over the allegations has led him to “play a gamble”.

A royal source while speaking to the Spiegel, said the Duke of York has created the “ultimate gamble” as he will address sexual assault allegations made by Virginia Giuffre along with his connection to Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffery Epstein.

“It’s the ultimate gamble. He’s putting himself at the mercy of a jury and trying to distance himself from the likes of Ghislaine Maxwell when he’s on record about their friendship and has known them for decades,” the source said.

“This is certainly a major shift in sentiment from previous suggestions that everything was ‘in hand’ and certainly raises questions about the wisdom of a bullish counterattack defense this late in the day.”

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