New Ghost song ‘Grift Wood’ is about ‘Awful Person’ Mike Pence

ghost’s new album, ruledShe comes along in a new interview on March 11 Kerrang!, mastermind Tobias Forge revealed the inspiration for some tracks on the record. Grift Wood is about former US Vice President Mike Pence, whom Forge called a “terrible person” amid other harsh criticism.

ruled, Ghost’s fifth full-length album, revolves around a central theme of the rise and inevitable fall of empires, not only in history but also in the present.

“We are living in a time where we believe that history is a thing of the past and everything we live through here and in the future is eternal. Which isn’t true,” Forge said. “Perhaps we have the foundation of a society that could last and function for some time. But unfortunately if you look at history there is a natural cycle by which a society is built and then it’s kind of perfected, perfected, perfected. And then it usually falls apart.”

As for the present, Forge was shocked by the events that transpired.

The musician lamented: “We’ve withdrawn so much in the last few years. A lot of the things that almost felt like fiction, like a lot of our lyrical content that seemed like we were singing about things that happened in the past and way off, now is like, ‘Wow, that’s everywhere !’ Humans are working really hard to destroy progress and ultimately create a time machine that will set us back hundreds of years in terms of spiritual evolution.”

He turned his attention to “Grift Wood,” which appears tenth on the 12-track ruled, Forge confirmed that the song was primarily aimed at Pence, who served as vice president under the Trump administration.

“This song is about him and everyone like him ready to spoil everything he’s worked for. You definitely qualify for a front row ticket to Hell. Which is so ironic because they believe in it. [People like that] humiliate yourself completely and just eat shit out of someone’s ass to get what they want to get,” Forge said.

“Again, he stands as a symbol for people of all times where the endgame is cloaked in a kind of religiosity [thing]. He’s known as that kind of Bible thumper and he thinks he has a strong faith and he’s just this horrible, horrible person in every way,” the Ghost leader added.

Calling out the former VP’s hypocrisy, Forge continued, “He’s trying to tell the world that he’s serving God, that he’s part of the good side. While at the end of the day all he wants is power. But it doesn’t have to be all about him. It’s about people like him: many politicians, many preachers, many ministers over time.”

Forge also offered glimpses of other new songs, confirming that “Respite in the Spital Fields” deals with the ongoing anxiety after the attacks of the notorious London serial killer known as “Jack the Ripper” died down and “Twenties” is that , which Forge described as a “huntress meets some kind of Miss Elliot Matter.”

ruled will be released on March 11th and pre-orders can be placed here. Catch Ghost these days on their co-headlining tour with Volbeat and special guest Twin Temple, which is currently underway.

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