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Spotify announced on Wednesday (January 26) that it has granted Neil Young’s request to remove the singer-songwriter’s music from the platform.

The decision came two days after the 76-year-old published an open letter that was first reported Rolling Stone, in which he asked that his catalog be removed from the streaming service for spreading misinformation about vaccines Joe Rogan experience podcast. โ€œYou can have Rogan or Young. Not both,” Young wrote in the letter, which was addressed to both his manager and the co-chairman and COO of Warner Records, which releases Young’s music through its Reprise Records label.

Young’s request was granted, and Spotify removed the singer-songwriter’s catalog from its services. The musician wrote two more open letters after the announcement. “Losing 60% of global streaming revenue by leaving SPOTIFY is a very big deal, a costly move, but worth it for our integrity and faith,” he wrote. “Misinformation about COVID is over the line.”



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Check out the latest videos, charts and news

Additionally, in light of the news, Sirius XM announced that Young’s eponymous show will be making a second limited run on the platform, featuring exclusive stories and music from the veteran rocker’s decades-long career.

“If you have the opportunity to showcase an iconic artist who is still at the peak of their creativity, don’t hesitate to do it again,” said Steve Blatter, SiriusXM SVP and general manager of music programming, in a statement. “Outspoken, bold and a true music icon, Neil Young belongs to a rare class of artist and we are honored to work with him to create a special audio experience for his fans.”

In support of the “Heart of Gold” singer, his fans boycotted Spotify, tweeting that they are canceling their subscriptions using the hashtags #SpotifyDeleted and #CancelSpotify, both of which have been trending on Twitter.

We’ve rounded up a few fan reactions that have supported Young. See them below.

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