My Jalisco Vaccine: The 7 keys to vaccination against COVID in Jalisco

vaccination against COVID-19 has been since the end of 2020 the salvation of millions of people in the world who avoided serious illness or death due to the immunity they acquired.

In Jalisco, eight out of 10 people already have at least one dose and currently they are even applying the reinforcements.

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However, still some doubts remain about the importance of vaccination and some questions that you have probably asked yourself and we will clear it up with the following information.

These are the 7 essential keys you should know about vaccination in Jalisco.

1.- What is the main benefit of the COVID vaccine?

According to the Dr. María Elena Pajarito Melchor, Coordinator of Social Determinants of the Jalisco Health Secretary (SSJ), most people who are hospitalized and those who die are those who have not been vaccinated against COVID.

“Practically nine out of 10 they are those who did not have any vaccine or whose schedule was incomplete. Vaccination greatly reduces the risk of complications or death. Let us appreciate our life and the life of those we love and Let’s take them to vaccinate or go to get vaccinated in case we don’t have our dose yet.”

Those who have not been vaccinated are 68 times more likely to die if they get the virus and 13 times more likely to get it, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

2.- Is the vaccine booster also safe?

After the first and second vaccines, the antibodies begin to decrease little by little, the specialist recalled. For the above, it is important to apply the reinforcement of the biological which at this time is that of the Astrazeneca laboratory in Jalisco for all sectors of the population. Only the teachers were applied the one from the Moderna pharmaceutical company. Astrazeneca, Moderna, Pfizer and all those vaccines that are applied in Mexico They have the health guarantee that guarantees their safety.

Regarding Astrazeneca, he said that “it has really allowed the defenses to increase, the antibodies. Although they may have immediate effects after vaccination such as headache, muscle pain or fever, the effects wear off quickly and there are no further complications. The vaccine is safe and effective regardless of what was previously given.

3.-How is vaccination going in Jalisco?

More than 84% of the population Within the age established by the national vaccination system, he already has at least the first dose, said María Elena Pajarito Melchor.

66% already have their complete scheme, that is, the doses contemplated by the applied laboratory biological. Most are two injections.

“In Jalisco there has been very good response compared to other states and the vaccination model in the Entity has allowed it to be very fast, especially in the macromodules, so they should not be afraid of wasting their time”, he pointed out.

4.- Where are the vaccines applied in Jalisco?

Vaccination is carried out in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Guadalajara in the macromodules What are they:

The Benito Juarez Auditorium, located on Avenida Mariano Bárcena in Zapopan.

The Tlajomulco Administrative Center (CAT), located at C. Higuera 145, Los Ocampo.

The University Center of Exact Sciences and Engineering (CUCEI), located at Blvd. Gral. Marcelino García Barragán 1421, in the Colonia Olímpica in Guadalajara. (For some sectors only).

In addition, they also apply in the interior of the State in the municipal capitals.

5.- Where do I make my appointment to get vaccinated in the metropolis?

In order to get your appointment in one of the macromodules of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, You need to register with your data in the following link:

6.- What vaccination days are currently active?

stragglers. All people who are over 18 years old and who haven’t been vaccinated yet can make their appointment.

Second doses of Pfizer of stragglers aged 18 and over.

Second doses adolescents from 12 to 17 years old.

Booster (third dose) of people who have 50 years or older.

Appointments open to vaccinate laggards and other groups in Jalisco: Where and when?

7.- What happens to minors who are not yet included in the scheme?

National vaccination policy still does not contemplate all the minors in the doses, despite the fact that Pfizer vaccine safety is already endorsed by the federal authority for them. In addition, the World Health Organization recommends expanding immunization for girls and children from 5 to 11 years.

However, the doctor pointed out that while vaccines are applied to this age group, it is important get vaccinated against influenza (and check your vaccination record) to avoid any complications. assured that symptoms are milder in children.

“Anyone can get sick, but with the risk of being hospitalized and dying very few. They still are older adults, people with special vulnerabilities who could be more at risk and we hope to advance confirm what is marked by the national policy in age groups”.

“There are diseases that can be more complicated for children like whooping cough, influenza, those types of infections that are in this winter season and that yes they can give us complications and for that the vaccines are available”.

He said that the SSJ is with the times as marked by the federal government because it is also very important to continue applying the reinforcements.


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