My Jalisco Vaccine: How long should I wait to get vaccinated if I had COVID?

You were probably about to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and you got infected before you could get your first dose, second dose, or booster. Maybe you had to cancel the appointment or miss the date. If you still have the infection, you are about to get out of it or you have already spent the days of isolation and you do not know when it is the right time to vaccinate against that same virus, an expert explains it to us.

How long should I wait to get vaccinated if I got COVID?

Dr. María Elena Pajarito Melchor, Coordinator of Social Determinants of the Jalisco Health Secretary (SSJ), commented in an interview that the most important thing is that the person to be vaccinated has waited 14 days from the first day of symptoms or from the positive of the test in the case of asymptomatic patients.

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That is already recovered. From the onset of symptoms, preferably 14 days should pass. If that period passes and they no longer have symptoms, they can go to get vaccinated.”

However, he said that there are symptoms that stay longer “such as the lack of smell or a cough that occurs after more than a month, and those we can no longer consider as symptoms of active disease.

He said that if after that time the person continues with symptoms should be expected to feel good.

“When the person is asymptomatic, it should be expected also 14 days after having your positive test.

Does the vaccine work the same if I just got COVID?

On whether the vaccine has the same effectiveness in the body of a person who has just recovered from a COVID infection, the specialist pointed out that it is, and that the application is still just as important.

“We know that the antibodies are starting to form because they already got COVID and the vaccine makes those antibodies grow even larger. Then, yes it is appropriate to be vaccinated after COVID “.

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