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action blackmail mit Hit-and-Run-Modus in Pasar Rebo, East Jakarta. The perpetrator pretended to limp, but the action ended in failure.

The incident happened on Wednesday (01/26/2022) in front of PP Plaza, Pasar Rebo, East Jakarta. First, the police received the message that there had been a hit-and-run.

“(Police have) verified information on the victims of the hit-and-run mode, as if their feet had been crushed by a car tire and pretended to limp,” said Ahsanul Muqaffi, chief of the police’s Criminal Investigation Department of East Jakarta in its statement on Friday (01/28).

At first it was two men riding motorcycles. They are chasing the driver of the Avanza car.

Under the pretext of claiming responsibility for the foot that was run over, the two men wanted to stop the Avanza. Inside the car were 1 man driving the car and 2 women as passengers.

“The male perpetrator, who was in a cradle position, ran after the black Avanza and stood in front of the car screaming, pointing to his feet as if he had been hit by the victim’s car,” Ahsanul said.

The perpetrator pretended to be the victim of a hit and run in Pasar Rebo, East Jakarta. (screenshot)

The man also shouted to other passing motorists and local residents that his leg had been run over by the Avanza driver. Even if this is just a trick of the perpetrators.

The locals didn’t respond. It even claims that the perpetrator is lying. Local residents then asked the driver to leave because the road was already congested because he stopped the car.

The perpetrator then asked the driver of the car to be held accountable. But the driver of the car ignored him. Because the perpetrator stays persistentA verbal altercation eventually ensued.

“Then the driver opened the car door while arguing, then the driver closed the car window and the perpetrator’s hand have time stuck in a car window,” Ahsanul explained.

The perpetrator pretended to be a hit-and-run victim in Pasar Rebo, East Jakarta. (screenshot)

The driver hit the gas while the perpetrator’s hand was still pinched by the windshield. The perpetrator was dragged several meters.

“Perpetrator have time ran behind the speed of the car because the perpetrator’s hand was trapped less than 30 meters in the windshield. Finally, the perpetrator’s hand was able to free itself from the car window clip.[The perpetrator]sat there for a while feeling a sore hand and there were no residents to help him,” he said.

perpetrator wanted

Police are investigating a racketeering case by pretending to be run over by a car in Pasar Rebo, East Jakarta. The perpetrator is now being sought by the police.

“The follow-up plan is to arrest the perpetrators,” AKBP Ahsanul said.

The car, which the perpetrator wanted to blackmail, did not report this incident to the police. However, the police are still investigating the case.

“(The victim) didn’t report it, there was no damage, it’s still under investigation, the course of action has been confirmed,” said Pasar Rebo Police Chief Kompol Marbun, who was contacted separately.

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