Arcade racer RC Rush is now fully available on Steam

It’s the thrill of radio controlled racing cars but in virtual form. RC Rush is an arcade-style racer that was originally available in Early Access on Steam since October 8th, 2021, but was officially released in full as of today (Friday, January 28th).

Developed by Tea Monster Games and 4 Fun Studio, RC Rush features RC truck arcade racing. Players can compete within VR or as normal on a standard monitor. The game currently includes over 50 tracks where these trucks race in locations such as junkyards, playgrounds, volcanoes or Egyptian tombs. There are also over 30 different RC trucks to unlock.

RC Rush There are currently a few different modes you can compete in, including a campaign mode with races, eliminations, and time trials. Other game modes include Grand Prix mode, Free Roam and online multiplayer with six-player races. The physics are arcade-style by nature, but realistic movements were taken into account during development.

On the Steam side, the game supports gamepads, keyboard controls, VR controllers, or even USB RC controllers. You can currently get the arcade racer on Steam for $15.29, a 15 percent discount off the normal price of $17.99. This price is valid until February 3rd.

Will you try RC Rush on Steam? Let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments below!

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