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“Although, according to legend, the Wiener Schnitzel was actually invented in Italy, where veal was wrapped in Parmesan instead of breadcrumbs, we try to stick strictly to Figlmüller’s recipe. The secret of its taste lies not only in the quality of the meat, but also in the process. It’s deep-fried in three oil baths in about seven seconds,” says the chef.

“This is because after the meat is placed in the three-pack, the oil cools down, especially in the first bath when the meat is cold. Therefore, after this time, we again immerse him in the second heated bath for seven seconds, and in the last fry him in gold. This phase requires some experience,” he explained to Práva the secret of properly roasting Kenya.

While the Wiener Schnitzel is fried in oil, lard is suitable for all pork chops. As the chef added, it is possible to fry any steak on the newly made ghee butter, even if it wasn’t used at the Bukovany festival this year.

Festival of cuttings

It is not easy to organize a large steak festival where hundreds of portions are fried. This is partly because fresh and quality food is a chore. Each of the cuttings is tapped and wrapped just before frying.

As described by the owner of the Bukovanský mill, Roman Šikuta, the last time before the crown in 2020, it sold about two thousand portions of steaks, which is the maximum that the restaurant can handle even with changing guests.

photo “aria-label =” Galerie Kuchaři fry about two thousand cuttings during the festival. “>

The chefs roast about two thousand steaks during the festival.

Photo: Miroslav Homola, Law

A year later, when the pandemic was in full swing and establishments were closing, they were selling about half the sales allowed out the window, and this year it was again nearly 2,000 fragrant servings, even with just six people at a table.

The ticket offered twelve different types. From traditional Viennese to pork or chicken to two meatless ones, this was an oyster mushroom steak smeared with garlic and fried in a classic three-pack, or Olomouc cottage cheese fried in potato pancakes.

There were sirloin kangaroos, lamb chops or wild boar ham to try. They also wrapped the chops in dough, almonds, cornflakes, herb crumbs or sesame crumbs.

“At each of the festivals we try to have a steak on the menu that is made from the meat of a lesser-known one. We have already roasted zebra meat, buffalo or ostrich, sea fish and the like,” added Roman Šikuta.

“They say the steak can be eaten anytime, but six people in the kitchen and I think the other seven are needed in the field, after three days of roasting, this meal will forgive a while,” this year’s chef Festival said with a laugh.

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