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Boba Fett’s book debuted in the top 10 of Nielsen’s streaming rankings, but fell well short of the top spot — claimed by Cobra Kai since the calendar has been changed to 2022.

the war of stars The series opened on Disney+ for the week of December 27 through January with 389 million minutes of watch time. 2, good for the eighth place among the original series on Nielsen’s charts. However, it probably had the most viewers this week: with a running time of 39 minutes The Book of Boba Fett’s premiere corresponds to an average viewership of around 10 million viewers.

For comparison: season two of The Mandalorians pulled more than a billion minutes of viewing time in the week of Season 2 premiere in October 2020. However, that was spread across nine episodes as Nielsen counts each episode of a series in its streaming metric.

Cobra Kai, whose fourth season premiered on December 31, was dethroned The Witcher as the top series in Nielsen’s streaming rankings for the week of December 27 through January. 2. The 40 episodes of the Netflix show totaled 2.42 billion minutes of viewing time for the week. (That equates to an average audience of about 1.86 million, considering the entire series has more than 21 hours of viewing time.)

The Witcher (1.83 billion minutes) fell by a third to second place after two weeks at number one from Christmas week. Emily in Paris (1.11 billion) improved slightly from last week’s performance and broke the billion-minute mark.

Prime Videos The wheel of time (630 million minutes) remained stable for the week after the finale debuted – a rarity among streaming shows with weekly releases. It lost just 1 percent of its total viewing time from the previous week. Disney+’s Falkenauge (539 million minutes) stayed in the top 10 for the week after its last episode, but in contrast to The wheel of time, it was 42 percent lower than the previous week.

Nielsen streaming ratings are for TV playback only and do not include minutes watched on computers or mobile devices. The ratings only measure US audiences, not those in other countries, and currently only include Apple TV+, Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video.

Nielsen’s Top Streaming Series for Dec. 27-Jan. 2 are below.


1. Cobra Kai (Netflix), 2.42 billion minutes watched
2. The Witcher (Netflix), 1.83 billion
3. Emily in Paris (Netflix), 1.11 billion
4. The wheel of time (Prime Video), 630 million
5. Falkenauge (Disney+), 539 million
6. strange eye (Netflix), 466 million
7. Lost in Space (Netflix), 452 million
8. Boba Fett’s book (Disney+), 389 million
9. stay close (Netflix), 349 million
10. The Great British Baking Show (Netflix), 338 million

Acquired series

1. Coconut melons (Netflix), 751 million minutes
2. NCIS (Netflix), 730 million
3. criminal thoughts (Netflix), 636 million
4. Seinfeld (Netflix), 561 million
5. Greys Anatomy (Netflix), 504 million
6. supernatural (Netflix), 430 million
7. Kernland (Netflix), 413 million
8. shameless (Netflix), 365 million
9. Dexter (Netflix), 335 million
10. Bluish (Disney+), 328 million

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