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‘Singing 2’

“Sing 2” follows Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) and the rest of the crew from the first film as they bring their talent to Redshore City, the talent capital of their world. Talent powerhouse Jimmy Crystal (Bobby Cannavale) reluctantly gives them a chance to put on a show, believing the group somehow convinced estranged artist Clay Calloway (Bono) to perform.

Personally, I really enjoyed the first Sing movie, but kept my enthusiasm in check as many sequels are never as good as the first movie. However, when the theater clerk pointed out that the film had a “bombshell” soundtrack, my hesitation melted away.

I can confidently say that this sequel is fantastic! Not only is the soundtrack fantastic, featuring covers of songs by a variety of well-known artists such as Prince, Coldplay, Ariana Grande and U2, the film also explores themes of fear, self-doubt and loss. I also laughed so hard that tears ran down my face several times.

I highly recommend this film to families, adults and music fans of all ages. The returning cast, including Scarlett Johansson (Ash), Taron Egerton (Johnny), Reese Witherspoon (Rosita) and Tori Kelly (Meena), bring the soundtrack to life. Letitia Wright and Halsey, who voice new characters Nooshy and Porsche Crystal, were a perfect fit for this film.

‘The 355’

The 355 is an action film about a group of women from different parts of the world who come together to find a device that can hack into any system and cause deadly damage.

Believe me when I tell you I wanted this movie to blow my mind. Unfortunately, it fell short even though there was good potential. Sebastian Stan was there too, which made me happy, but my friends and I still left with many, many questions.

It stars Jessica Chastain as CIA agent Mason (Mace) Browne, Penélope Cruz as DNI agent Graciela Rivera, Diane Kruger as German BND agent Marie Schmidt, Lupita Nyong’o as former MI6 agent Khadijah, and Fan Bingbing as MSS- Agent Li Mi Sheng. All of the women mentioned above were amazing in the film, but I feel like the story doesn’t do their characters justice.

A lot of time was spent midway through the film just using filler material to get us to bond with the characters, but by that point we as viewers had already had time to form our own opinions about the characters. I was drawn into the story about two-thirds of the way into the film when things got personal, meaning I was only half-occupied for 30 minutes of the two-hour film.

Unfortunately, I have to agree with most critics on this point and say that the film had phenomenal actors and actresses, but the story was lackluster, with several plot holes, and that ultimately tarnished everything that was good about it.

To say whether I would recommend the film or not would be difficult. As of this writing, “The 355” has a 26% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes as opposed to an 85% viewer rating. Obviously there are many people who liked the film. My advice is, if you’re a fan of suspenseful action or any of the film’s talents, you’ll most likely enjoy the film, but if you need a seamless plot to enjoy a film, The 355 might not be for you.


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