Hvězda Ulice confirmed a breakup with a Slovak rapper. She was not left alone – Archyde

Actress Anna Kadeřávková, who fans may remember as Rozina from the endless series Ulice, broke up with a girlfriend. The relationship with Slovakian rapper Ján Strapec aka Strap ended last summer. The beautiful blonde officially confirmed the separation only now on the social network.

Kadeřávková formed a strap-on couple for three years. On Wednesday, however, the actress added a symbolic photo of the move to her Instagram profile. “I wanted to add this post a long time ago, but I wasn’t sure. I don’t even know what. I just didn’t feel the need to inform the public about what happened to me in my private life.” Anička began.

In the end, she was divine and officially admitted that she had not made a couple with a Slovak rapper for a long time. “I think you understood that at the end of the summer my relationship with Jana ended at the same time. Thank you for respecting my attitude of not expressing myself outside of my family and friends. I still feel that way, but even after you and the journalists have been asking you for so long, which is very uncomfortable for all of us, I wanted to answer you, thereby suspending any other questions or assumptions,” Kadeřávková added.

However, he wishes his former partner only the best. “I believe that you will continue to support us, each on our own, even as we are all on our own path, which I believe will lead us both in a beautiful direction and to the happiness that we both share from the ground up wish our hearts,” she concluded.

However, the actress, who viewers may remember as Rozina from the series Street, was not left alone. She shared posts from exotic vacations on social networks, where she strays with an unfamiliar boy.

Fans and media speculate that this is Slovakian YouTuber Daniel Štrauch, known by the nickname GoGoManTV. He currently participates in the reality show TV Nova Survivor in the Dominican Republic. However, neither of the two has officially confirmed the relationship.

Kadeřávková played on the streets for many years. See how time passed with the Rozina series:



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