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Media representatives were introduced to the exhibition today Commercial water on the riverwith which the duo Skuja Braden – Inguna Skuja and Melissa D. Breiden – will represent Latvia at the 59th Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition, which will be held from April 23 to November 27. The Latvian Pavilion is organized by the Latvian Ministry of Culture in cooperation with the Latvian Center for Contemporary Art (LLMC).

Solvita Krese, Commissioner and Curator of the Latvian Pavilion at the LLMC, points out: Skuja Braden an exhibition that presents both objects created in over twenty years and impressive large-format new works in an original context. The Latvian Center for Contemporary Art will honor the mission entrusted to it by organizing the Latvian representation at the Venice Biennale for the fourth time.”

The pavilion’s large multimedia installation brings together more than 300 porcelain works, the smallest of which is the size of an eyeball and the largest weighs a ton. The masterfully created objects, which take the most unusual forms of everyday objects, natural elements and the human body, reflect social, economic, political and cultural issues that are current in the Baltics and in the world.

Latvian pavilion Commercial water on the river The basic message is that everything we need is already given to us. In this insight inspired by Zen Buddhism, the artists see the possibility of an inclusive society open to diversity, symbolized by the water announced in the pavilion, an element that unites all living things and is the beginning of life as such.

Describing the pavilion, curators Solvita Krese and Andris Silapētere explain: “Water flows through and across differences. We need it, we already have it, we just have to learn to see it.”

“The architectural structure of the exhibition is determined by the reference to the living space of the artists – their homes and their different areas of life. Skuja Braden Works and their grotesque images blur the boundaries between private and public and reflect different social norms. At the same time, the architecture of the exhibition becomes a metaphor for a restless life in a world torn by disagreements and changes in which we all live today,” explains curator Andris Silapētere.

To highlight as much as possible Skuja Braden Given the baroque splendor of the porcelain manufactory, the architect of the pavilion, Līva Kreislere, preferred a formal and restrained architectural solution.

For information about Skuja Braden and the Latvian pavilion can follow the pavilion Facebook, Instagram one Twitter account and on the LLMC website lcca.lv.

Duette Skuja Braden has been in operation since 1999. It consists of Inguna Skuja from Latvia and Melissa Breiden from California, USA. Their creative practice is based on working with porcelain, and the artists’ work is characterized by a fusion of decorative styles and the influence of Edo-period Japanese prints. Skuja Braden the works expand on the themes of literary and art history, which are rooted in the understanding of modern political and social developments. The duo’s solo exhibitions have been held at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Riga, the Museum of Contemporary Crafts in Oregon, USA, and the gallery John Natsoulas In California. The duo has taken part in numerous group exhibitions, most recently at the Whitechel Gallery in London.

Skuja Braden’s works are included in public and private collections, including the Medical Center White Monument In the art collection in Los Angeles, USA Kellogg Pomona, USA, Museum of Contemporary Ceramics in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Latvian National Museum of Art in Riga, Ariana-Museum Schweiz, World Ceramics Center in Südkorea, Changchun Ceramics Center in China, ASU Art Museum in den USA, Westerwald Ceramics Museum In Germany and at the Art Center Zuzeum In Latvia.

For information about Skuja Braden and the Latvian pavilion can follow the pavilion Facebook, Instagram one Twitter account and on the LLMC website lcca.lv.

Information on the Venice Biennale: www.labiennale.org/en/art/2022


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