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Health experts attribute the falling number of child COVID cases to another round of distance learning, masking and fewer gatherings after the holidays.

MINNEAPOLIS — New data shows a drop in the number of COVID-19 cases in children, bringing a renewed sense of hope among doctors that the omicron peak may have been passed.

Child COVID cases surged for the first time in the new year, setting off a perfect storm that some doctors say is now starting to calm down.

“I’m actually quite hopeful because it looks like, at least anecdotally, we’ve turned the corner in our clinic and some of our numbers,” he said Dr. Stacene Marouschek, a specialist in pediatric infectious diseases at Hennepin Healthcare.

dr Marouschek attributes the decline in part to another round of distance learning and fewer post-holiday meetings.

“There’s a number of kids that aren’t mixing anymore, so it could potentially be related to that,” said Dr. Marouschek.

“Hopefully at the end of this we can see a drop that’s a bit more sustainable than before,” he said Dr. Sameer Gupta, a pediatric critical care physician and vice president of medical affairs at M Health Fairview Masonic Children’s Hospital.

dr Gupta says continued masking and vaccination would help extend this downward trend, which is seen in both national and local data.

“We all hope for safety,” said Dr. gupta

The latest figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Showcases peaking at 684 on January 8 nationwide for children under 4 years old. Two weeks later, that number dropped to 123.

While nearly 88% of non-ICU cribs in Minnesota are full, the number that has become available has more than doubled in the past three days Metro Region.

“What does that mean?” asks Dr. Marouschek. “Is it a pause to catch our breath before COVID gives us our next surprise? Everybody knows.”

“Right now I think we’re just watching it and not worrying and staying cautiously optimistic that we’re approaching some sort of new baseline that represents a lower rate of COVID across the community,” said Dr. gupta

Doctors also say the Food and Drug Administration could also approve a series of three-dose vaccines from Pfizer for the youngest children in April who are not yet eligible.

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