A respected specialist has left us, contagious with his positivism – Archyde

The Academic Board of Medical University – Plovdiv expresses sincere condolences on the death of Assoc. Prof. Dr.

Founder of the University Laboratory of Parasitology, long-time lecturer and scientist, Assoc.Prof.Andreeva will forever remain in the history of MU-Plovdiv and in the hearts of all colleagues as a person contagious with his positivism.

A worthy successor to her father – Prof. Ivan Andreev, the founder of the Bulgarian School of Pediatrics – she devotedly followed his advice and throughout his life professed the maxim that doctors should look at the person as a whole, around the spirit and humanity not to be lost in medicine.

As a competent and respected professional, Assoc. Prof. Andreeva shares her life with people and leaves a shining example of professionalism, dignity and humanity.

Medical University – Plovdiv speaks to family, relatives, colleagues and everyone who Assoc. Prof. Nevena Andreeva love and respect, condolences!

A deep bow!


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