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The schoolgirl died after 4 days of fighting for her life

5 seconds. The traffic light at the intersection of Tsaritsa Yoanna and Dobrinova Skala boulevards in the Lyulin district gives exactly the same advantage when withdrawing. Then it lights up green for pedestrians on Dobrinova scale.

17-year-old Alexandra Ninova also crossed there on January 21. And those were her final steps—she was swept away by a turning bus. At this point, both she and the flight have the green light. For several days doctors fought for the life of the girl in “Pirogov”, a line of blood donors twisted, but her injuries turned out to be greater than hope, and Ali died.

The accident happened in the dark, just after 8 p.m. Alexandra was waiting to cross the intersection of Tsaritsa Yoana and Dobrinova Skala boulevards in the Lyulin district. At the same time, the 111 bus made a right turn from the first to the second boulevard. The traffic light allows cars to drive both on “Queen Joanna” and to the right, as well as pedestrians crossing “Dobrinova Skala”. The driver of the bus, who had already turned, heard a blow in the back and stopped.

According to one hypothesis, the schoolgirl looked at her cell phone, according to another, she was distracted and looked away, the third version says that it is possible that the child stumbled. However, the reasons are still being clarified.

When falling

after the impact


hits the back of the head

You are at the curb

However, it was not clear at the autopsy whether the rear double tire of the flight went through them. The driver immediately reported the accident. His breathalyzer test came back negative, and the test showed he had no other traffic accidents. There is only one penalty for improper parking from 5 years ago

The reason the girl didn’t get hit in the head and the driver didn’t see her is probably because of that 5 second margin given to turning cars. A 24-hour team controlled the traffic on site at peak times. For 30 minutes and 20 traffic lights at the traffic light, there was no conflict between pedestrians and cars.

However, Petar Georgiev had to wait for Peugeot to turn because the car was in the middle of the manoeuvre.

The reason – it wasn’t the first car when its traffic light came on. The man lives in the area and crosses the intersection twice a day. “It is not a problem for me that there is light for both pedestrians and cars. All of us in the area know about it and are wary. And even on the curve, the cars are going pretty slow and they should see the pedestrian,” says the man.

However, Karolina Stoimenova does not agree. The pensioner goes shopping. She worries that she is quite slow due to her age. In their opinion, 5 seconds is not enough to pull the car.

Must be

the contrary –

pedestrian yes

we have

advantage and yes

let’s go first

the woman thinks. However, a “24-hour” check showed that all traffic lights are set to give way to cars. The idea is that they have the lights on and are easier to spot.

While the investigations are reviewing records and conducting exams, the Sofia Mathematical High School student has been fighting for her life in Pirogov for 4 days. She went to folk dances and her troupe immediately called for a blood donation for Ali, as her relatives call her. Over 300 people responded within 2 days. Due to the large number of donors, the checkpoint’s working hours were even extended, and Pirogov announced that they had enough blood for Alexandra.

Because of the many willingness to help, Alexandra’s mother posted a post on Facebook. These words are the gratitude of a mother whose child is fighting for his life. Thanks to all the doctors and specialists of the children’s intensive care unit in Pirogov, who around the clock keep the spark of life in my daughter! Thanks to all friends and acquaintances who called us immediately to help in need! Thanks to the people who organized the blood donation for Ali! My heartfelt thanks to everyone who dedicated the extremely icy Sunday to the life of our child and waited to donate blood for her! Thank you to everyone who is praying for Ali and mentioning her with love and warmth! Dear people, I believe that your help, love and faith will bring Ali back to life!, wrote the mother Yana Aleksieva.

But a little later, Adelina Banakieva, who was the first to circulate the request for blood donation, announced that the girl had died. “Alexandra lost the fight. Fly, darling! Thanks again to everyone who donated blood for her,” she wrote on Facebook.

In this case, preliminary proceedings were initiated. Nobody has been charged so far.

The case is pending

to cause

of death

carelessness while driving. If charged and convicted, the driver faces 2 to 6 years in prison. However, practice shows that such cases end with suspended sentences (see box).

Probation for bus drivers who killed passers-by

Public transport drivers who have killed pedestrians are given conditional sentences. The jurisprudence of recent years shows this.

For example, Borislav Kolev, who drove line 12 of the buses in Varna, received 2 years probation with 4 years probation for hitting and killing a pedestrian. The incident happened on November 11, 2019 in Varna. Going to the Proektantska-2 bus stop at the intersection of Prilep Street and Tsar Osvoboditel Boulevard, the bus turned left and waited for cars passing straight ahead. At that time, an 87-year-old man was crossing the intersection on a footpath. When the signal for the bus changed to yellow and then red, the driver abruptly started to end the manoeuvre. Borislav did not notice the man crossing and hit him. He provided first aid and called 112, but unfortunately the injured man later died in hospital.

Kolev pleaded guilty and his sentence, originally set for 3 years probation, was reduced by 1/3. The man remained without a book for 2 years.

With no admission of guilt, Kircho Kirkov, who hit and killed a pedestrian in Plovdiv, also received a 2-year suspended sentence with 4 years of probation. The tragic incident happened on June 30, 2018 on Tsar Simeon Street in the area of ​​an intersection – while driving a bus, he violated traffic rules and during maneuvers and accidentally caused the death of pedestrian Atanaska Georgieva. In his last words, the driver pleaded not guilty but regretted the woman’s death. Until recently, Kirkov said he hadn’t seen her at all. She crossed at an unmarked spot and there is no footpath. In its judgment, the court also takes into account the complicity of the pedestrian.


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