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JAKARTATechnology Today’s modern technology has seen rapid progress compared to ancient technology. However, ancient engineers could still make “miraculous” discoveries.

In fact, some of the discoveries managed to confuse modern scientists and wonder what technology they used to create the objects they found.

Here are 5 ancient technologies that have scientists marveling at their existence, quoted from the Bright Side YouTube channel, Thursday (1/27/2022).

1. Greek fire

It was a mandatory weapon in the 7th century. Greek fire was fired from what can only be described as an ancient flamethrower.

They mainly use it on ships, and the fire can destroy any target. It is said that the enemy cannot even extinguish it with water or sand, miraculously the water actually makes it bigger.

Scientists believe the fire was made with a mixture of ingredients we hear about in chemistry class, like naphtha, quicklime, sulfur, and pine resin.

Experts are still debating what exactly is the substance that contains this unstoppable molten flame.

2. Antikythera Mechanism

Computers in ancient Greece would not be similar to today’s computers, but they were still very complex on closer inspection.

The ancient Greek computer mechanism is unique, it consists of 37 bronze teeth, its shape almost resembles a very complicated clock.

The object probably used for astronomical, meteorological and cartographic calculations.

This mechanism, which can account for the movements of celestial bodies, dates 42 astronomical events, including solar eclipses, and measures the strength of ocean winds and even the movement of the moon around the earth.

3. Earthquake-Chef Zhang Heng

In AD 132, Chinese scientist Zhang Heng introduced the first seismoscope that could predict earthquakes with the accuracy of modern equipment.

This bronze object in the form of an inverted vase is decorated on all sides with carvings of dragons and frogs. However, all this is not just decoration.

Inside the ship is a pendulum that moves when an earthquake occurs, even if it occurs hundreds of miles away.

Later, one of the bronze balls from the dragon’s mouth fell into the frog’s mouth below, making a loud noise.

4. Baghdad Battery

What appears to be the first battery was found in Baghdad in 1936 and is believed to date to the 2nd century Pathrian period of 247 BC.

Somehow this thing conducts electricity 2000 years before Alessandro Volta introduced the world’s first modern battery.

5. Masuda-Steinschiff

Ship-like structures made of stone, these objects are not considered to float well on water.

Many doubt that the 800-ton granite, larger than the size of a bus, carved into the shape of this ship was used for sailing.

This thing is on top of a hill with 2 big square holes. This stone dates back to 250-550 AD However, who made it and why it was made is still a mystery.


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