Xi says China’s low-carbon push must guarantee energy, food security – Archyde

SHANGHAI: China’s ambitious low-carbon targets should not come at the expense of energy and food security or ordinary people’s “normal lives,” said President Xi Jinping, signaling a more cautious approach to climate change as the economy slows.

China, the world’s largest source of climate-warming greenhouse gas emissions, is under pressure to “up the ambition” and take more drastic action to combat global warming.

But amid mounting economic challenges, China is concerned about the threat to jobs and growth, especially as it prepares to hold a key Communist Party conclave expected to extend Xi’s rule.

Xi told senior Communist Party leaders in a speech released late Monday (Jan. 24) that China must “overcome the notion of quick success” and move forward incrementally.

“Reducing emissions is not about reducing productivity, nor is it about zero emissions at all,” Xi was quoted as saying by the state news agency Xinhua.

“We need to stick to the overall plan and ensure energy security, industrial supply chain security and food security while reducing carbon emissions,” he said.


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