What are the most relaxing aromas?

Since 2020, many people have found it difficult to rest properly. Most of the time, the main culprit is stress, and among the main tips for a better rest there is always the aromatherapy.

Essential oils have become popular for a couple of years, but candles and incense are also great allies when it comes to using aroma for relaxation.

These are the most relaxing scents!

Remember that you can have some plants and trees at home and with their fruits make your own oils to make aromatic essences.



Lavender could not be left out of this list. Its floral scent is ideal when fighting insomnia, a classic.



The bergamot It is a citrus fruit whose aroma resembles that of sour orange and lemon. It is ideal for fighting or reduce anxiety.



A relaxing classic either in tea or in aromatherapy, serves to combat insomnia (among other things).


orange and tangerine

Like bergamot, orange and tangerine are two citrus fruits commonly used as relaxing, calming, and perfect remedies against insomnia.


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