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On Friday afternoon, a young tourist from the Czech Republic decided to throw away her clothes and take a dip in the cold winter waters of Venice, Italy.

According to CNN the woman is said to have laid her clothes at the foot of a statue commemorating dead Italian freedom fighters.

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She must then have posed topless in front of the memorial to be photographed.

The woman was fined 513 euros, the equivalent of 5179 crowns, and expelled from the city for 48 hours, the broadcaster writes.

– Must be crazy

THE BATHROOM: At this memorial to a fallen freedom fighter, the woman is said to have taken a bath. Photo: Municipality of Venice
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A local named Mario Nason was among the witnesses to the incident.

– It was a beautiful day and we saw two people taking photos. I saw a strange movement and then I noticed that this woman was swimming around completely carefree. “I thought she must be crazy since she swam on such a freezing day,” Nason told the broadcaster.

Friday it was 2-3 plus degrees in the city.

– But then I saw that she was trying to get out of the water by climbing on the base of the statue while wearing only bikini bottoms. She finally got up before she jumped back into the water completely relaxed, he says.

When police arrived at the scene, the woman and her friend appeared surprised they had done something wrong, the local newspaper writes The Voice of Venice. Then they should have apologized.

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Several swimming events

According to local newspapers The new In recent weeks there have been several incidents in which people have ended up in the city’s sewers more or less voluntarily.

In early January, a tourist lost his balance on a footbridge under the famous Rialto Bridge and landed in the water. The person must have become very cold, but not hurt.

Three days before the Czech undressed, a male tourist is said to have stripped naked and bathed under the Costituzione Bridge. He reportedly jumped in the water and went for a swim a few times before getting up, getting dressed and disappearing into the crowd.

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