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Mother remembers with the village inside Tuban whose residents suddenly became billionaires because they sold their land to build the PT Pertamina Rosneft Processing and Petrochemical (PRPP) Grass Root Refinery (GRR) Tuban? The latest news, her fate is not as happy now as it was before, mother.

There are sad stories from residents of demonstrations by residents of six villages affected by the construction of the two companies regarding job hiring. They told me they only spent their savings because there was no more work after their land was bought by PT PRPP, Bunda.

In fact, before they became billionaires with billions of rupiah in compensation. However, with no income, money began to erode to meet daily needs.

Now the remaining regret can be felt in one of the residents Millionärsdorf in Tuban, Musanam (60), a resident of Wadung Village, Jenu District after his land was sold to Tuban Factory Project.

Musanam announced that he regrets selling his house and 2.4 hectares of land for more than IDR 2.5 billion last year. Now he regrets that he no longer has a steady income and can no longer work, mother.

In fact, Musanam was forced to sell his livestock raised by his family one by one to meet the daily necessities of living with his family.

“I have six cows, sir, I haven’t sold three and now I have three left. I sell the cows to cover my daily needs,” Musanam said recently on the sidelines of a demonstration in front of the Tuban GRR project office.

Musanam said that before he sold his agricultural land, he could get Rs 40 million every time he harvested corn or other crops. When the oil refinery project was about to be built, he was persuaded to buy the land from the Bunda project.

Musanam’s family was promised a job by the company. But for more than a year this promise has not been fulfilled. His family was not given any work either.

Another resident who met the same fate was Mugi (60).


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