Shooting spree sparks outrage among journalists in Mexico – Archyde

This week, Mr. López Obrador struck a more conciliatory tone, promising a full investigation into the murder of Ms. Maldonado López.

“We have an obligation to investigate this crime and prevent the killings of journalists and citizens from continuing,” he said during a news conference on Tuesday. “That’s what we work for every day.”

As for the underlying causes of the killings, Mr López Obrador had adopted a familiar refrain during a press conference a day earlier, in which he blamed previous governments for the country’s “corruption, inequality and violence” that his government had inherited.

But more than three years after he took office, some are beginning to lose patience with a president elected on the slogan “hugs not bullets” and promises to stem violence.

“Most if not all murders of journalists go unpunished,” said Mr. Luna, who held a sign at Tuesday’s vigil that read “Hugs for the narcos, bullets for the journalists.”

“Nothing changes – three years of new government and nothing changes,” he added.

The killing of Ms Maldonado López has felt particularly painful for some because she warned the President during a press conference in 2019 of the danger she faced as a result of a labor dispute with her former employer, a local television station.

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