Pedro, we imagine, is it always special for you to come back here, to a place where you have enjoyed so many magical moments?

“Every time I have a chance to come back to this stadium I feel it, I get goosebumps… I’ve had some great times here. Even when empty, the stadium is amazing. But it’s true that it’s a special stadium anyway.” . I remember the first time I played here with Bordeaux against Paris. Everyone told me that it’s a special stadium, that everyone likes to play in this stadium. The opponents too! And then I got to spend five great years here, scoring goals and it was fantastic. I love this stadium.”

It seems that every time you come back, the emotions stay just as strong…

“It’s always great for me to be here at Paris Saint-Germain, with the fans. I love her. We had a very strong relationship and it’s still intact. I hope she will continue. Those fans, they’re the 12.” Husband. The fans always stood behind the team, even in my time when things didn’t always go well. You could see the fans pushing the team forward. And that really gives the team a lot of strength, all the players. It’s a stadium where all the fans give their support from the first minute to the last and that’s great. This is Paris.”

It has to be said that you scored a lot of goals and aroused a lot of emotions. Although it’s always difficult to choose, which is your favorite destination?

“I was lucky to score a couple of good goals here. For example, I really like the goal I scored against Nantes in the quarter-finals of the Coupe de France. But it’s true that the goal against Marseille in 2004, when I passed Barthez from a distance.” …that’s still my favorite. The fans remember that too, as does me. It was my first goal against Marseille at Parc, it was my first Classique. It’s just an amazing memory.”

Was it a special feeling to score with this jersey?

“Always! It’s hard to explain the emotion of a goal, but it’s what everyone expects. The winning goal, the celebration, it’s just a sensational feeling. Before I get to the stadium, I get this special feeling. I remember all those moments, all those feelings, when I scored in that stadium, when the fans chanted my name. It’s a feeling you just can’t explain.”

With 109 goals, only three players have scored more for the club. How proud are you of that?

“If I look at the three players in front of me, they are all phenomenal: Edinson Cavani, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Kylian Mbappé. I’m just very happy to see myself in such company, it’s great and it means we’ve all done something for the club and that’s the most important thing. I played in a completely different era but I’m happy and proud of my career here in Paris.”

Isn’t it frustrating to see a young player like Kylian Mbappé pass you by?

“On the contrary, I am very happy. I was lucky enough to play with Cristiano Ronaldo and he was only 18 when he made his senior debut. I had broken Eusebio’s record with Portugal and I thought it was great that he broke mine.” . It’s the same here in Paris. I’m so proud to see Kylian breaking all these records. And I’m expecting a lot from Kylian this year. I think he’s going to have a great season. He will contribute a lot to us . He’s on form, he’s got huge confidence, he’s a phenomenon.”

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