COVID: Mental health of minors in pandemic, priority of experts

This morning the Jalisco Ministry of Health at the inauguration of the third International Congress and 38 Update Course in Pediatrics 2022 reported that mental health in minors has been an effect of the pandemic that worries them.

Jalisco Health Secretary Fernando Petersen Aranguren assures that after two years of confinement, Children’s mental health has become a disorder that must be addressed from pediatrics.

“Today an opportunity is opening up again in the field of medicine in pediatric activity to tackle diseases with the greatest impact, as well as mental health disorders derived from the pandemic. Such as the use of video games in girls and boys who have been at home months and months, with consequences, without a doubt, on his mental health, which as the Secretary of Health we cannot ignore and whose attention is also our priority”.

The secretary reiterated that Jalisco has faced the current wave of infections by the Ómicron variant, For this reason, they propose that going back to school is an alternative to counteract the effects on children’s mental health.

“We bet on going back to school but always putting the safety of children first to protect their health and return to our daily activities soon, training is one of the best ways to face these public health challenges.”



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