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January 25, 2022:

Dear faculty and staff,

Dartmouth will host another COVID-19 refresher clinic on Monday 31 January from 9am to 8pm in the Alumni Hall at the Hopkins Centre. This clinic is open to students, faculty and staff, as well as family members and roommates. The clinic is open to adults (18 years and older) and minors (12-17 years). Each participant must register online to receive a vaccination. For Dartmouth students, faculty and staff, this clinic will be the last opportunity to get boosted in Dartmouth before the January 31st booster submission deadline.

If you have already received your booster vaccination, please submit your booster certificate here Vaccine Tracker Form until January 31st. This process should take less than two minutes. If you have already submitted your initial vaccination information, you only need to submit your booster vaccination using the Vaccine Tracker form. Faculty and staff who received the booster shot at previous Dartmouth clinics, or plan to get it at the clinic on January 31st, must also submit their booster records using the picture.

According to Leitlinien der Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)., people recently infected with COVID-19 eligible for the Boosters can still receive the boosters as long as they are well.

How to register for the upcoming office hour:

  • Visit the Axiom Medical Vaccine Vault Portal.

  • Complete all required fields on the registration page and select “Register”. Note: Use your NetID in the Employee ID field. People who do not have a NetID should leave this field blank.

  • You will receive an email from [email protected] on behalf of Axiom Medical Vaccine [email protected] with a link to schedule your refresher appointment.

  • When you select the link, you will be prompted to change your password and choose which booster you would like to receive (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna). You will then be guided through a series of screening questions, followed by a consent form. In order to receive your booster shot, you must answer each question and agree to the form.

  • Please select your desired date and confirm your selection.

  • Note: In the case of an external registration, each participant must register with their own e-mail address in order to be able to select a date. If you are self-registering and need to register a minor who does not have their own email address, we recommend that you use your Dartmouth email address to self-register and a personal email address to register the minor.

  • Note: All minors (12 to 17 years old) must be accompanied by an adult at the clinic and require parental consent to be vaccinated. If you enroll a minor in this clinic, you will receive an additional consent form that must be signed on behalf of the child upon check-in at the clinic.

Axiom is unable to offer booster vaccinations to people with the following conditions at this clinic:

  • pregnancy/breastfeeding

  • Recent receipt of monoclonal antibody treatment

  • Currently taking medication or immunosuppressants

  • weakened immune system

  • Allergic reaction to another vaccine, to a previous COVID-19 vaccine, or to polyethylene glycol

  • Newer dermal fillers

  • Certain medical conditions

  • A positive COVID-19 test result between registration and vaccination day

  • Note: If you select “Yes” when asked if you are allergic to anything, you will not be able to select an appointment. To untag your account, send an email to [email protected]to enable the team to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the booster vaccination you require.

Instructions for the clinic day

  • Please bring your vaccination record to the Alumni Hall so that you can document your booster vaccination.

  • After you have received your booster shot, please submit your booster report to the Vaccine Tracker Form as soon as possible as January 31st is the booster request deadline.

  • directions Alumni-Halle: From Lebanon Street: Take the stairs or elevator across the hall from Strauss Gallery one level up. The entrance to the Alumni Hall is on the right. From East Wheelock Street: Go up the stairs in the Moore Theater Lobby and go around the top level of the theater keeping to the right. After the toilets, the Alumni Hall is down a short flight of stairs on the left.

Eligibility and selection of your booster

Please consult the CDC Booster Eligibility Guide for the most up-to-date information on when you are entitled to a refresher and which refresher you should receive.

Exceptions to the booster requirement

Individuals who have previously been granted a medical or religious waiver from the COVID-19 vaccination requirement will be contacted if they need to reapply for a waiver or if their original application is sufficient for this additional requirement. For individuals requesting a booster vaccination waiver, medical exemptions require a letter from the individual’s primary care physician and religious exemptions require a letter written by the individual. Employees requesting an exemption from the booster requirement should follow the instructions on the Office for Institutional Diversity and Equity website.

If you are unable to visit this clinic, vaccination clinics are held at the former JCPenney location in West Lebanon’s Upper Valley Plaza every Tuesday and Thursday in January. Same-day appointments for COVID-19 vaccine and booster vaccination are also usually available at Alice Peck Day Memorial hospital in Lebanon. You can make an appointment for yourself using a myD-H account or by calling 603-442-5612. For information on local clinics, see New Hampshire Vaccine Information website.


The COVID-19 Response Team

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