Blizzard will create a survival set in a new universe – Archyde

Blizzard is working on the as yet unannounced AAA production of the new brand. Not much is known about this title at this time. It is only known that it will be Survival that will be released on PC and other consoles.

This information they are coming The job posting was posted on Activision Blizzard’s official website. There aren’t many details there, so it’s difficult to tell what stage the production is at. The only things the developers have said about the project are:

Blizzard begins another mission. We embark on a journey to a whole new universe that includes a survival game for PC and consoles. It’s a place full of yet unknown heroes, untold stories and adventures we haven’t experienced. This is a wide range of opportunities waiting to be explored.

Additionally on the Blizzard account Twitter There was also concept art related to the game. It shows a warrior with an ax standing in the ruins in the forest. This could indicate that the title will be set in a fantasy setting. We will probably have to wait a long time for more detailed information on the production.

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