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The main reason why Prince Harry and Megan Markle left the royal court and settled abroad was the massive attack on them and the former actress in particular by the media. No less hatred was poured out against them on social networks, the couple kept calling for better regulation on the Internet.

Megan is less talked about now simply because she rarely appears in the media. But social media users always have a topic or two to discuss with the Duchess of Sussex. And it turns out some have managed to monetize negative attitudes toward her.

According to a report by the Bot Sentinel platform, 25 YouTube channels made a total of $3.5 million in advertising thanks to their hateful videos targeting Megan Markle. The three “top performing” accounts for this purpose have raised around $494,729 over the period of their existence.

Even more impressively, the 25 channels that feature content related to the Duchess of Sussex, hate speech and conspiracy theories about her generated a total of 497.5 million views. The top 3 have over 70 million total views, reports Newsweek, quoted by

Some of the most viewed videos speak of a distant relationship between Megan and Dodi al-Fayed, while others credit Prince Harry’s wife with supernatural abilities. Or he is said to be part of a dangerous secret organization that aims to destroy the monarchy.

Other conspiracy theories state that Megan faked her first pregnancy. And finally, we can add that not only racial hatred, but also greed for profit have been the main drivers of the massive campaign against the Duchess of Sussex in recent years. And obviously, at this point, there’s nothing stopping her.


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