OSF Announces New Partnership for Hospital at Home Service

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OSF HealthCare is partnered with Medical Home Group, Inc. Establish an Acute Care at Home Program that will enable Peoria-based OSF HealthCare to provide patients with high-acute, hospital-grade care in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. OSF has chosen a partner, a company that is fast becoming the leading provider of home hospital services, after announcing it earlier this month attracted $110 million from strategic investors including Baxter International Inc., Global Medical Response (GMR) and Cardinal Health. Cardinal Health, Mayo Clinic and Kaiser Permanente are providing additional capital on top of their previous investments, showing confidence in the model’s growing nationwide adoption.

In January 2021, OSF HealthCare opened its OSF OnCall Digital Health building – essentially a brick-and-mortar hospital. This new program will serve as an extension of OSF’s current digital health capabilities to serve even more patients who would otherwise be hospitalized for serious illnesses, including chronic diseases (such as heart failure and COPD), infections (such as pneumonia and cellulitis), and post-operative hospitalizations, as well as for COVID-19 .

As part of the program, doctors and nurses from OSF HealthCare will provide 24-hour home monitoring and care in a medical command center. Patients have access to hospital-grade medical services (from IV therapies, oxygen treatments, and lab tests to X-rays and ultrasounds) without having to leave their homes, and without the disruption, stress, and potential isolation that may be experienced of those who were hospitalized.

Clinical studies have shown that in-home treatment leads to better patient outcomes including: lower mortality rates and a lower risk of readmissions along with higher patient and clinic satisfaction and higher cost savings. Patients at OSF HealthCare Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria will be the first to have the OSF OnCall Hospital at Home option starting this summer, with plans to expand the program.

Medically Home decentralizes the delivery of patient care with a platform that provides a command center and technology that manages the logistics and coordination of all home care to enable safe and high-acute care for patients with serious or complex medical conditions. The platform also provides decision support for clinicians caring for these patients, as well as the collection and proper handling of vital signs and other data from patients and their integration into the patient’s electronic medical record.

“The Medical Home model was designed to enable healthcare systems to safely move lower- and higher-level medical care from hospitals to patients’ homes, where they prefer to receive it and when they need it,” said Brandi Clark , Vice President of Digital Care, OSF On call. “We look forward to offering this new and improved service later this year as we continue to work to do what is best for patients in the communities we have been called to serve.”

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