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The beautiful news anchor at CNN Prima News Eva Perkausová got married a few days ago and it seems that she couldn’t be happier with Ivan Heck. The charismatic businessman won her heart long ago and has been making a blonde beauty happy for several years. However, their acquaintance did not go smoothly.

Viewers in front of CNN Prima News were shocked to see the main news show. Popular presenter Eva Perkausová announced to everyone that a few days ago she married her long-term partner Ivan Heck on the exotic island of Mauritius. Subsequently, she offered her fans on the social network great pictures from the ceremony, from which happiness and love rained. Next to a nice businessman, Eva Perkausová found the happiness she had been looking for for a long time, and it is clear that she could not be happier at the moment. But a little was enough and the pair might not have known each other at all.

She said “no” at first.

Eva and Ivan have known each other for a long time, but one evening the businessman decided to take matters into his own hands and asked the moderator for a phone number. But Perkaus quite slowed her down with her answer. Beauty was also with her friends at a sporting event where Hecko was just invited. He is said to have asked the organizer to accommodate him near the moderator. “And in the end he came for the number, but I didn’t give it to him,” Perkaus recalled in an interview with the first acquaintance iDNES. Eva is said not to have given foreign men her number, but took Heck’s number just in case.

“So she took mine, maybe she could call herself. She said she told her friends it would definitely be in a week at the earliest to spark interest. She called later that evening. We’ve been writing to each other ever since,” Ivan Hecko himself added to his partner some time ago.

The presenter avoided guys like Ivan

Eva Perkausová and Ivan Hecko form a perfect couple, they complement each other and both are beaming with happiness and contentment. Even before they met, the presenter couldn’t imagine that they could even be together. She even avoided men like Hecko. “Ivan acts as a rough prototype and I’ve always tried to avoid these guys a bit. When I found out that she had a really big heart, I didn’t hesitate to enter into a bigger relationship,” said the moderator of the editorial department, explaining how her husband initially affected her.

After several years of relationship, the couple secretly said yes to each other a few days ago on the exotic island of Mauritius. “Having a wedding in Mauritius has always been close to my heart in the sense that I’ve always wanted to have an exotic wedding. Somewhere abroad. Just the beach, the sea, the palm trees and the dream came true for me,” said the presenter on the show Show Time.

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