Las Vegas Billion Tour Canceled: Guilty Quirky Adele? – After world

The iconic Colosseum Theater at Caesars Palace boasts the latest sound and video system, which has not been disdained by any provocateur in the past. Madonna (63) is a but Adele not enough. “They insisted on installing their own video system with a larger screen. They also had to change the sound system in the theater. All of this increases the costs, of course.” revealed local journalist Scott Roeben.

The collapsed Adele canceled the show just 24 hours before the spectacular concert. It is said that they didn’t have time to prepare him due to the cover their team was hitting

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For a single song (Skyfall) she requested the hiring of a 60-strong support choir! So the tour has been postponed for the time being, but the difference of opinion between the organizers and Adele is said to be so great that it may not even be enough… Adele had to collect 15 million crowns for each performance in Vegas…

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