COVID testing shortage affecting some St. Louis-area pediatricians – Archyde

ST. LOUIS — Some parents in the St. Louis area said they’re having trouble finding COVID-19 tests for their children.

In addition to parents, some pediatricians have also sent out messages that their practices cannot offer COVID tests for the time being due to shortages.

Despite some of these issues, a medical expert said health departments and pharmacies are starting to open up more community testing options for children than they did a month ago.

dr Rachel Charney, medical director for emergency management at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital in St. Louis, said the hospital is offering COVID testing for children with symptoms.

“Like everyone else, the test material has become more limited. We ourselves are still able to do all the testing in the places we should be testing, but we have backup plans in place in case our normal testing material isn’t available or we run out so we can still do it can provide that service,” Charney said.

Charney reminded families not to use emergency rooms as a place for asymptomatic testing, but only to go there if their children need medical attention.

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