COVID: Ómicron concentrates 90% of the global cases analyzed by the WHO

The cases of COVID-19 associated with the omicron variant, more contagious than the previous strains of the coronavirus, are already 90% of those analyzed in laboratories around the world, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported today.

In its global epidemiological report, the Geneva-based agency indicated that Of the 372,000 specimens analyzed by the global network of GISAID laboratories in the last 30 days, the omicron variant was detected in 332,000 (89.1 percent).

The delta variant, which was the dominant strain for much of 2021, was confirmed in only 10.7% of cases, and the percentages of other strains were almost negligible.

The report stated that several countries have detected increases in a subvariant of the omicron strain, BA.2, which worries some scientists due to its greater difficulty in being detected by tests, although the WHO indicates that 98.8% of confirmed omicron cases belong to the BA.1 subvariant, which does not have this characteristic.

The WHO reiterates that there appears to be “lower risk of severe illness and death” in those infected with the omicron variant, although the sharp increase in cases that it has caused, with record numbers of infections worldwide, it has added pressure to many health systems.

The ability of the omicron variant to evade the immunity that vaccines and antibodies from recovered patients theoretically gave is, according to the WHO, the main factor that explains the exponential rise in infections that the current wave has produced.



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