Agent resigned from a boy’s (15) motorcycle in Eindhoven: “Incredible” – Archyde

A 15-year-old boy kicked an officer off his motorcycle during a chase in Eindhoven on Sunday. The shocked police officer tells his story on Instagram on Monday evening. “I did well.”

Officer Hicham Argani looks back on his day in disbelief. He wanted to put a moped driver aside because the passenger was not wearing a helmet. He just wanted to warn him. However, the duo ran away and so Hicham gave chase.

During the chase, the passenger intentionally kicked Hicham, causing him to fall. “And then a lot of things go through your head. One of those things was that whoever was responsible had to be caught anyway.”

Hicham didn’t think twice and followed the boys on foot. “After a sprint of several hundred meters, I was able to stop the driver,” says Hicham. Meanwhile, a fellow officer picked up the passenger.

Hicham still can’t comprehend what happened. “I find it difficult to understand how a 15-year-old could kick a police officer off his motorcycle to avoid being stopped. It is really concerning what lies ahead for us as a society.”

The boys were arrested for attempted aggravated assault and public assault. Hicham tries to console himself with positive thoughts: “You have all sorts of scenarios going through your head about how it could have ended. But you have to keep going. It turned out well.”

The agent receives support on social media. A follower writes: “You are a hero to me. Even if you crashed the bike, you’re still chasing the rider.”

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