Africa Cup of Nations discrimination until suspicion Sadio Mane can’t wash his own underwear – Archyde – Malawis Trainer, Mario Marinica, criticized the facilities his foster children received during the event Africa Cup of Nations 2022. He said there is a difference in treatment between large and small teams.

The Malawian national team will play against Morocco in the early morning of the WIB on Wednesday (26/01/2022) at the Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium.

However, preparations for Mario Marinica’s team ahead of the game were halted after incidents of food poisoning, shortages of basic necessities and difficulties in accessing laundry.

The Romanian passing coach believes the Africa Cup of Nations organizers only care about big teams.

Mario Marinica even went so far as to compare the conditions his team received sadio mane. He says that Mane can’t possibly wash his own clothes.

“You don’t see Sadio Mane washing his own underwear and hanging them out in the bushes to dry,” Marinica said. ESPN.

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“Gambia have the same problems and the standards are different here, the team is treated differently,” he said.

“We’re talking about inclusion, we want to see small teams doing amazing things. But when it’s in the final stages, people don’t like to watch us play against Cape Verde and not against Senegal against Morocco.”

“Certain questions have to be asked: why did this happen to us, why only to the smaller teams, why only to the Comoros, Gambia and us?” he said.

Marinica further explained that her team had to wash their own clothes because the staff at Hotel Valle de Bana, Bafoussam, could not provide adequate basic facilities.

“I have asked colleagues and team leaders to file a formal complaint,” he said.

“I complained to the hotel manager and we went wrong for three days before it was all over,” he said.

“I can’t put milk with the coffee, they say the milk will run out by tomorrow. We are treated like second-class citizens but if you as a hotel manager see this happening then you are responsible, you cannot allow this in a competition like the Africa Cup of Nations,” he said.

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Marinica also said that her team even had a hard time getting enough food supplies.

“We were in the same facility before and to my surprise we didn’t have enough to eat, there were complaints about the food but we stayed together, worked hard, stayed strong and will do well,” he said.

The Malawi squad also identified problems with food poisoning and complications from the coronavirus ahead of the game.

Marinica also had time to complain about players vomiting before and during the game. It can happen because team members are given inferior food.

He believes the referees at the Africa Cup of Nations disliked his team and accused them of favoring the larger team.

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“Honesty in the field is important,” he said.

“The referee in the last game played a big role in our draw against Senegal. Of course we should have been awarded a penalty. The player was pushed, then pulled, and the referee gave nothing.

“Then the referee ruled offside when he should have given us an advantage. It’s like we’re second-class citizens.”

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