4 Signs He’s Only Playing With Emotions, Beware! – After world

Sometimes someone just playing with feelings comes along as if to reassure them but actually leaves. Have you ever experienced it? If you get stuck, it will be painful.

It is different if you have no hope from the start. Someone just messing around didn’t need an answer. Because it’s just a waste of time. Your feelings mean nothing to him.

If you even want to play around, you have the choice to dodge or react. Think of the consequences you will receive. You better be careful. Recognize the signs that he’s just playing with those feelings.

1. Call only when necessary

Someone who plays with their feelings will only contact you when they need to. Meanwhile, when they feel they don’t need her, they choose to disappear.

Someone who really has feelings for you wouldn’t have the heart to do that. He just wants to be someone who is always there when you need him.

2. Avoidance of deeper relationships

The next sign that he will avoid a deeper relationship status. Someone who only plays with feelings doesn’t have the word “serious” in their dictionary.

He prefers a no-status relationship and doesn’t think about each other’s feelings. He wouldn’t care if it hurt to be treated like that.

3. Hiding from those closest to you

They are hidden from those closest to him if he only plays with feelings. Why? Because he doesn’t want you to know that other people are close to him. Someone who is serious about their feelings will be happy to introduce you to their surroundings.

4. No interest in your life

The last sign is that he is not interested in your life. If you really like, shouldn’t you be interested in yourself and your life? Not even indifferent and indifferent.

Common cases are that you already know that only you are being played with, but still pretend you don’t know. When this situation arises and you don’t get over it right away, it only cultivates deeper feelings of hurt.

However, they cannot guarantee that his gaming feelings will change. Especially when it has become a habit. You can say anything sweet.

But not everyone can explain what is being said, don’t be fooled. Don’t sacrifice your heart to someone who only plays with your feelings.


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