15-year-old police officer kicks off his motorcycle during a car chase in Eindhoven: “Really worrying” | Domestic – Post World

During his Sunday shift, he tried to stop a moped rider because the passenger was not wearing a helmet. However, the moped driver ran away. Argani went after the duo and got help from a colleague during the chase. But at some point the situation got out of hand.


“At some point during the chase, the passenger intentionally kicked my motorcycle, causing me to fall,” Argani wrote. On Instagram he posted a photo showing his motorcycle lying on the ground. He continues: “I don’t know whether to be angry or ‘accept’ that people are apparently capable of throwing you off your motorcycle if you’re doing your job.”

Argani writes that he did well. But he has trouble understanding why a 15-year-old would be capable of something like that. He ends his message with a thank you to all local residents who helped on site.

The minors were arrested. They are suspected of grievous bodily harm and open bodily harm.


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